What is shingig?

ShinGig is made for live music lovers, by live music lovers. As well as all the free content & competitions on our website, your membership will give you access to a selection of gigs carefully curated by our promoter & venue partners. We want to create the memories only gigs can produce,  form a positive communal space filled with opportunities and ultimately make live music the main source for discovering your new favourite artists.

There's no point systems or loyalty schemes here. Just turn up, say your name at the door and you're in. Like a VIP. Our app works on a simple two-taps to the guestlist system, so your next gig is only seconds away. The catch? Tickets are limited for each gig, so you'll have to move fast for your favourites. Keep an eye on our socials for the latest listings.

how does it work?

Welcome to London's first All You Can Gig Club!

Conceived by a group of three music enthusiasts during the lockdown of 2020, we're looking to play a key part in your music discovery with news, reviews & everything in between.

As we patiently wait for live music to get going again, we'll be giving you updates on what to expect from our exclusive club as well as interviews with new artists, stripped back acoustic sessions & a tonne of social content.

We want to support the growth of the music industry by providing a platform for young people to express their creativity with a subject that we all love - music!

Once our app is ready, you'll need an invite to join. Then, from £17 per month, you'll be able to experience unlimited gigs from the capital's best up-and-coming artists in the most intimate venues the city has to offer. You'll also see deals on merch and the odd free pint or two (if we're feeling generous!).

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