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Our partners in London are the promoters, venues and artists who work in unison to host such memorable nights, with our key objective of supporting the music & venue industries wherever possible.


We're currently developing a revenue share scheme, where 25-30% of our revenue would go directly back to those who helped us gain it along the way. Essentially, we want to develop a model that shares success and looks to benefit all involved!


By allocating some space at your events to ShinGig members, you're:

  • Enabling music fans to discover an artist they wouldn't normally go to see, potentially adding to a loyal fanbase.

  • Increasing your ticket sales by third party referral. Our research has indicated over 90% of gig-goers would take a friend if given one free ticket with the option to purchase another. A further 50% would take two friends.

  • Filling venues. Venues thrive when they're full through increased wet sale potential.


If you're interested in partnering up, download our information pack for further details, or contact us directly at