Eyes on for 2021: Die Kur

Die Kur’s story began back in 1995 as a duo project between the two members, Ays Kura and Tony.

In 1999 they changed their name to Die Kur and transformed themselves into full fledged band adding new three members.

The group are one of the most recognisable industrial metal bands amongst the underground London alternative scene.

Their first full length studio album ‘From Dark (Renaissance of Evil)’ was released in 2004, with the follow up ‘The Fall of the Empire’ came out four years later in 2008.

During the last decade they have released two full length albums: ‘ERA (Formicidae)’ in 2011 and a double album ‘Manifesto’ in 2015.

Their latest release is an EP ‘All the Way Down to a New Regime’ (2018), so hopefully we could hear more new music in 2021 and maybe even get their next full length album.

Die Kur are known for their energetic live performances and on a personal level; it was real a shame when they had to cancel their 2020 gigs, although the same applies to every single event that was planned this year!

However, all their gigs have since been rescheduled and if everything goes according to plan, we can expect live shows full of energy from this band for the upcoming year here in the UK.


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