Eyes on for 2021: Esprit D’Air

Esprit D’Air is a London based Japanese industrial metal band who just released their new single ‘Leviathan’ on 4th December.

They were originally formed in 2010 but after a couple of years, the band leader Kai decided to split up the band due to personal issues.

However, they made a reunion in 2016 with Kai as the only regular member while the other members were temporary studio and touring members.

Esprit D’Air released their first studio album ‘Constellations’ in 2017 which received a lot of positive reviews from rock and metal magazines.

The project won the ‘Best Metal or Hardcore Album’ at The Independent Music Awards in New York that year with highly respected judges such as Slayer, Sepultura and Amy Lee of Evanescence.

Their second studio album is on its way but unfortunately severely delayed since their laptop containing the new material got stolen and all of the new songs need to be re-recorded.

Whilst it's disappointing for fans - at least we have something to wait for from this very promising band!!


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