Eyes on for 2021: Helena Deland

From the Montreal Indie scene, we have a real gem on our hands with singer-songwriter Helena Deland having first released an EP back in 2016 giving us a taste of what was to come.

Whether it be airy synths, an acoustic guitar or her ballsy telecaster, her voice is the main attraction that holds strong no matter what the backdrop is.

Deland followed up in 2018 with 9 songs across four volumes showcasing her ability to be completely versatile.

With all that said, it was the release of her debut album in September that made

people sit up and notice...

The album ‘Someone New’ tackles topics like relationships and gender norms with some wonderfully crafted songs; teetering along a folk / dream-pop tightrope, her exceptional songwriting skills shine throughout.

It’s definitely one of my favourite albums of the year and hopefully we can expect great things from her in 2021. Check out a stripped back version of the title track ‘Someone New’...


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