Eyes on for 2021: Jeshi

Hailing from Walthamstow, east London, Jeshi is a breath of fresh air - a rapper who values the personal, cathartic side to making music over commercial success.

The appreciation for transparency between artist and listener can be felt through Jeshi’s honest and punchy lyricism, which blends seamlessly with his low-fi, DIY sound.

Jeshi highlights Toro Y Moi and Lana Del Rey as two major inspirations, quoting seeing Lana’s ‘Video Games’ on TV at his Nans house as a definitive moment in his musical development.

Drawing from these influences, along with growing up listening to his mum’s CD collection and grime station Channel U, Jeshi carries with him a rich tapestry of varying sounds and genres, which are reflected in the depth of his music.

Jeshi’s debut EP ‘Pussy Palace’ was a relieving break from the combative sharpness of the UK grime scene, with beats that felt like a pastel mosaic of sounds and inspirations meticulously crafted into a piece of art, rather than the hard-beat hard-bars approach associated with UK rap.

Following ‘Pussy Palace’ and the 7 track ‘The Worlds Spinning Too Fast,’ Jeshi went on tour with slowthai and collaborated with Brit Award’s Rising Star winner Celeste, before culminating all of this in his April 2020 release, BAD TASTE.


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