Eyes on for 2021: Malady

Having materialised through a couple of degrees of separation at gigs & events, Malady infuse elements of early 90’s EDM & dubstep with adolescent UK indie guitar music as a backdrop for lead vocalist Percy Junior Cobbinah’s sombre social commentary.

The London based quartet sent ripples through the UK’s underground music scene following the release of their LCD Soundsystem inspired debut single ‘London, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down’, which was featured in So Young Magazine’s tracks of the year.

The dub remix for the song, aptly titled ’London, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Dub’, which can be found on the band’s Spotify, takes the love-hate sentiment behind the track and sonically amplifies it.

The juxtaposition between the impassive Frankie Stew and Harvie Gunn style vocals and the imposing IDM heavy beat parallels the oppressive nature of London life – a relentlessly bustling city in which the monotony and sadness of the day-to-day is muffled.

Despite Malady still being in their infancy, the band show a musical ability and creativity usually found after years of honing a craft.

Having only just released their debut single, the band are already promising big things for listeners in 2021.

Listen below to a demo recorded by the group raising money for The Runnymede Trust, a leading charity in raising awareness of structural racism in the UK.


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