Eyes on for 2021: Pretty Addicted

Pretty Addicted is a self-described ‘dance/punk band’ emerging from London’s alternative music scene.

Founded in 2011 at the goth club Slimelight, Pretty Addicted is the creation of the band’s charismatic frontwoman and (currently the only official member) called Vicious Precious.

Their first studio album ‘Filth’ came out in 2013 and after that they have dropped new music quite actively since.

A recent video for their track 'Puppet' brought together a range of recognisable faces from the alternative scene and was described as an "amazing the message most of the scene brings."

Drawing influences from Marilyn Manson and other darker sounding industrial acts, Pretty Addicted is musically dark and visually shocking and definitely one of those bands to keep one’s eyes on for the upcoming year.

Their live shows are highly energetic and controversial (so definitely worth your ticket money!)

In an interview with Elektro Vox, Vicious spoke about their upcoming album: "I called it "Soul For Sale" because I feel like I have given out my soul so many times and been constantly rejected so I'm almost at this point where I just want someone to take it from me, if that makes sense.

"I'm actually an incredibly lonely person and I wanted to talk about that with this album, so expect loads of emotion, even more than normal."


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