Eyes on for 2021: Ted Jasper

Cornwall’s best export since the pasty, Ted Jasper combines jazz and electronic sounds eloquently - remnants of a Tom Misch or FKJ.

As he moved to the south west’s capital of electronic music Bristol, a self confessed obsession for producing, remixing, and re-working electronic music emerged.

He began to gain some traction within the underground scene via Giles Peterson’s Worldwide FM before reverting to a more soul driven sound.

Now working under Au Contraire management (Oscar Jerome, Otzeki and Lianne Le Havas) his most recent EP, Solstice, shows his continued appreciation for electronic music.

The EP’s 4 track, 10 minute length acts a taster for things to come with his hazy vocals complementing memorable melodies.

‘Back For More’ comes as his most streamed track on Spotify to date and that hypnotic, neo-soul style of production shines through; Earmilk described the instrumentals on the track as “astounding in their own right.”

It seems like Jasper sees value in online content too, releasing a range of youtube videos including song deconstructions, one hour beat creation and no sample challenges.

This style of content gives opportunity for artists to show themselves in a different light and which is vital for any artist looking to develop a longtime fan base in the modern era.

Jasper’s friendly and honest nature combined with real musical nounce/talent makes for a great watch.


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