Eyes on for 2021: Theodor Black

The future is bright for South London rapper Theodor Black following his November release of GARÇON.

Described as possessing “vivid introspective bars” Black combines mature lyricism with a variety of themes and struggles faced by those in the early stages of adulthood.

His ability to blend genres such as hip hop, lofi and jazz adds further potential for artist who has already been highlighted by platforms such as High Snobiety, The Face, Vice and Disclosed Doors.

On the release of SUB CULTURE he said: “I was angry about a lot of things when I wrote it, my filter was completely switched off and I ended up writing what I would say is one of the most honest pieces of music that I’ve composed so far.”

In an interview with DIY, he talks about inspirations such as King Krule, Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean which can be heard through his unique sound.

Another track from the latest EP, INDIGO, was featured on Huw Stephens BBC Radio One shows and reveals a more soulful side to the creative…

This modern versatility can be heard throughout many emerging artists in the UK and Black highlighted the positive impact the 'cultural melting pot' of London has had on his sound.

Speaking to Clash he said: "There’s so many different forms of influences in this one concentrated space.

"The London sound is unique because most popular music that’s played around the world comes from the states. But the UK is a bit of an untapped resource, there is so much going on that people aren't even aware of.”


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