George Glew: Gravity

George Glew’s new EP ‘Gravity’ is a poignant and honest account of losses in his personal life that take us on a journey through pain and growth.

The Bristol based singer-songwriter’s latest project features five exquisitely-crafted tracks. His music is straight from the heart as he drew on his personal experiences of grief and bereavement.

Glew sets his narratives to music whose sleek production and distinct song-writing recall the likes of John Mayer, Bon Iver and Frank Ocean - three artists he cites as his biggest inspirations.

The title track ‘Gravity’ was written while his girlfriend was going through a challenging time health wise and Glew’s lyrics play with the concept of gravity in an original way.

Opening with a melodic and atmospheric electric guitar, the intensity builds throughout the song with listeners instantly made aware of Glew’s stunning and impressive vocal range which leaps and soars effortlessly.

Glew speaks for many when he sings: “it's only so damn much you can take before you break inside”.

The production of ‘Astronaut’ acts as a fitting backdrop to Glew’s outpouring of pain and grief as the track gradually expands and grows in emotion, starting with basic static piano chords before developing into a moving ballad.

This song was written shortly after someone close to him passed away and they didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to one another. His despair is palpable as he asks the question, “Did I tell you I loved you face to face?”, a very real fear that can haunt many after the loss of a loved one.

Last Light’ opens with soothing guitar riffs but do not be fooled by this delicate and sweet beginning, the overall feeling of the track is bittersweet and wistful.

Shifts and changes in relationships inform ‘Last Light’, a poignant look at how friendships and connections grow and move over time. This song deals specifically with two people growing apart who once used to be close.

Glew expresses the pain of your life moving in a completely different direction to someone that you used to feel close to, especially when you realise they are managing okay without you, “Oh, how it kills me/To know you're alright”.

The penultimate track of the EP ‘Satellite’ is inspired by the people we seek comfort from in difficult periods of our life, “Trouble times you lead me to your door/I've been here before”.

Dedicated to his mother, the soaring intensity of Grew’s vocals and beautiful harmonies on this track are one of the highlights of the EP.

Closing track ‘Dream Song’ was written after Glew had a dream where he saw his late father, “I'm reeling from this dream/Where you reached out to me."

The soundscape is simple and touching, complimenting his raw and reflective vocals as he wishes to “stay a little longer” and feels like he’s “forgetting how to breathe”.

George Grew is a remarkable artist who managed to channel his pain and heartache to create a moving and heart-rending EP.

‘Gravity’ demonstrates his powerful vocals, vulnerable/honest lyrics and beautiful production. It is one of the most stunning releases I have heard all year and I can’t stress enough how much you need to hear it!