BREAKATHON Looks to Enhance Accessibility of Live Events

A joint initiative between Handiclapped-Kultur Barrierefrei e.V. and MusicTech Germany e.V. will see a range of developers and designers look to create new digital aids to support inclusion of all in society when attending live events.

Kultur Digital Barrierefrei will host a 48 hour hackathon to develop prototypes to try support businesses improve the availability of cultural events, specifically those with disabilities.

With no events being held in Germany at the moment, this period brings opportunity to “rethink existing structures and improve the overall infrastructure.”

Dubbed the “Breakathon,” results of the initiative will be presented on the International Day of People with Disabilities (Dec 3.) and the project will aim to both online and offline events.

As countries across the world begin to plan their slow post-COVID recovery, it’s important to ensure that no aspect of society is forgotten.

Speaking to ShinGig, President of MusicTech Germany Matthais Strobel highlighted that 10 % of Europeans have a disability of some kind and that as a society we need to do more.

"They are as much part of our societies as everyone else. It's their human right to be able to attend cultural events such as concerts or theatre plays," said Strobel.

"If we really want to enable true diversity and inclusion at live events, we must build the tools that allow everyone to attend them whenever they like. The technology is there. All we must do is apply it for those needs."

Funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, the event sees support from other companies such as Ableton AG, Wallifornia Tech and Le Wagon.

All available resources will be released in a guide titled “Organising and Producing Accessible Events” which will be made available free of charge on the KuDiBa website.