Introducing ShinGig

Hello! We're ShinGig.

It's been a horrific year for live music. Grassroots venues that were already facing relentless persecution from property developers and local councils are now on the very brink of permanent closure and the average artist is earning 65% less than last year.

Nine months into varying degrees of lockdown measures, the novelty of the Zoom gig has worn thin and the various innovations that have arisen from them, like Everything Everything's recent VR Gig, only drill further home the fact that we're not stuck to a floor in a sketchy pub basement, we're instead paying £17 to watch a recording of Liam Gallagher playing on a barge.

Things are, however, looking up. It looks like we're edging closer to a proper, working vaccine (and no, Ticketmaster will not be insisting you get one before you can go to a gig, although I'm sure I'm not the only one who would take that as a compromise), testing is more readily available than ever and when December 2nd finally arrives, there's a sliver of hope that we might see some live music before Christmas- albeit seated, socially distanced and limited in capacity.

During this nightmare of a year we had the thought that when old 'rona finally goes and does one, live music should come back with a bang.

We wanted to make sure that when it does return it's more accessible than ever and, more than anything, we wanted to support the small venues of London that have struggled so much.

So we started ShinGig.

We're the first music subscription in the UK offering truly unlimited live events for a monthly fee. We're also the world's only All You Can Gig Club and we're launching in 2021.

Supporting the independent music scene is the core philosophy behind our club and we intend to stick to that sentiment forever. Whereas streaming giants pay artists pittance, we'll be as fair as possible to our partners because we know that without them, we have no business. If you're a venue or promoter, more information about becoming a partner can be found here.

Whilst we patiently wait for the day when Boris gives the live scene a big fat thumbs up (after much dithering, I'm sure), ShinGig will deliver a tonne of free content in the form of as many reviews, interviews, podcasts, acoustic sessions, playlists and everything in between that your Zoom-weary eyeballs can handle.

Subscribe to our mailing list if you think you can handle it- we'll even send you an invite to become a member when our app is ready to launch.

Don't give in to the incessant bad news. ShinGig will be there on the other side and we will dance again.

Ben, Liam & Marta

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A note about the ShinGig team:

We've got a team of writers and other creatives ready and waiting to drop some of their finest artistic nuggets but if you'd like to build your portfolio by writing some reviews, interviewing up-and-coming artists, or help with other projects such as our upcoming podcast, drop us an email and we'll be in touch.

We appreciate how tough it is to get in to the music industry unless your uncle is the CEO of Universal and we want to change that. No nepotism, just opportunity (and a free ShinGig membership to boot).


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