Part 2: LGBT+ Artists You Should Know

Some artists you may not know are within the LGBTQ+ Community, but our generation is the voice of change and we have to educate others to become more aware of pronouns, beliefs and choices.

As part of the UK’s LGBT+ History Month we highlight some of our favourite artists who have openly come out. In 2017 the UK it is estimated that 4.2% of people aged 16-24 identify themselves within the LGBTQ+ community.

Dodie Clark

Dodie is an English singer song-writer mostly known for penning songs on her ukulele and woodwind instruments. She openly came out as bisexual in June 2017 via a video on her youtube channel titled ‘Coming Out’ whichs saw mass support inline

“Have you heard of LQBTQ+, well I am the B I have a heart that could love plural genders,Yes i’m Bi and i’m proud of me.”

Girl In Red

The Norweign singer, best known for the Tik Tok viral single ‘bad idea!’, identifies as queer. The song has been labelled the Gay athem for her generation and is an exciting artist who will not shy away from her views on sexuality + identity.

“I’ve been hiding for so long but these feelings, they’re not gone, can I tell anyone? So I push them away.”

Olly Alexander

After a media trainer told him to keep quiet about his sexuality in the early years of forming Years & Years for the bands success, lead-singer Olly Alexander is now very open about how he identifies.

Recently, he starred in Channel 4’s ‘It’s A Sin’ as Ritchie, the show is set in the 1980’s surrounding the AIDS crisis and the treatment of gay people in that era.

Lucas Silveira

Signed to Warner Music Canada, The Cliks lead singer and guitarist, Lucas Silveira is often classed the first openly transgender man to have been signed with a major record label. He also has made a video directed towards the controversial tweets of JK Rowling.

Christine and the Queens

Christine is constantly raising awareness of the human's many capabilities when it comes to the vast spectrum of love and who we can identify as. She subverts gender norms, stating that gender is fluid and something very flexible when it comes to identity.


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