Music Discovery: Journey Through the Internet I

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Discovering your new favourite band can be a little overwhelming these days with so many options and places to look at your disposal.

From simple discussion boards to in-depth forums, unique playlists created by complex algorithms to your mate John who just made one called ‘mood’ - it seems like sources of new music are endless in 2020.

Here at ShinGig we plan on becoming another reliable source for all your music needs, but since we can’t get ourselves to a gig right now, here are four handy websites to help find your next favourite artist.


Radiooooo is by far the most charming entry to this list with an endearing design that hides a deep trove of music waiting to be discovered. Designed to expand our horizons through culture and beauty, Radiooooo is built on the pillars of sharing and discovery.

Functioning as a musical time machine, Radiooooo requires you to navigate a map of the world to choose a country and a decade. It will then start playing authentic music based on your selections handpicked by DJs, producers and artists who love their craft.

Whether you want a taste of the UK scene from it’s foundations to present day, want to hear the music played during the fateful voyage of the Titanic or simply want some 70s Spanish rock urbano to get you through Monday morning; Radiooooo will quickly become an important resource to those willing to dig deep for new music.

Use Radiooooo to explore the planet for your new favourite jam

Lost World Radio

As soon as you open Lost World Radio it’s clear to see the focus is on the music.

The pet project of alternative country band Monk Parker, the purpose of this site is to bring love to sounds that are fading from popularity in the vast sea of modern music.

It draws from ten genres that have influenced their raw, poetic sound including music from traditional Arabic and Indeginous backgrounds.

Unlike other sites listed here, Lost World Radio will not ask for your input, but it will show you the hidden beauty of what you’ve never heard of.

Explore the unknown with Monk Parkers' Lost World Radio


Gnoosic is a simple website to use with potentially endless returns.

Name 3 of your favourite artists and the algorithm will give you a new one to check out based on your choices.

Maybe you’ve stumbled across a few niche bands and can’t work out where to find more of what you like, or perhaps you’re eager to find out what happens when you mix Catfish and the Bottlemen, Cat Stevens and Doja Cat.

However you decide to use it, once you’ve checked out your result, give a thumbs up or down to help Gnoosic refine it’s algorithm for the other 200,000 monthly music lovers using its services.

(The answer was Iyla if you were wondering)

Music Map

Together Music Map and the previously listed Gnoosic form the music arm of the Global Network of Discovery (or GLOD if you’re short on syllables).

Regarded as the tourist map of music, this site will ask the user for an artist then place them in correlation with similar suggestions listened to by fans of said artist.

While the minimal presentation can seem a little jarring, with the names of several artists floating around the one you named centered, it can be an ideal resource when wanting to explore your tastes.

Maybe your favourite band is on the fringe of two genres and you want to find similar music in one while making sure to avoid the other? Perhaps you’re ashamed of how much you love McFly but your pal’s just asked what you’re listening to at the moment and you want to be as honest as possible without revealing your secret?

Whatever your purpose, Music Map ensures it’s all about you.


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