Music Discovery: Journey through Reddit

Updated: Jan 14

Some would say that Reddit is the ‘unusual relative’ when it compares to other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter due to it’s complexity, holes of weirdness and sitewide jargon.

There’s a community on Reddit (known as a ‘subreddit’) for seemingly everything that exists, allowing users to quickly find a forum to solely talk about topics which interest them.

Some of these are for broad interests such as ‘r/guitar’ which discusses all things relating to a guitar, while some are more niche like ‘r/mildlystartledcats’ which discusses pictures of exactly what you’d expect.

The possibilities of discussion on Reddit are seemingly endless, which in hand makes it a fantastic place to find new music - there's even a subreddit dedicated to just talking music!

Here are some of the best Subreddits on the site to start looking for some new tunes.

Listen To This

r/listentothis is designed to help users discover overlooked music, going as far to have moderators remove any suggestions deemed too mainstream.

It’s unlikely you’ll see something you recognise on the site so the best thing to do is have a browse and click on any links you like the look or sound of.

All genres are represented and filters can be used if you’re after anything particular or want to avoid certain types of music.

If you're after adding a little spice to your first playlist of the year, r/listentothis is a great and simple to use subreddit to dip your toes into.

If You Like Blank

I’ve previously discussed tools in this series that offer suggestions based on artists you’re already a fan of in most cases via an algorithm such as MusicRoamer but maybe you’re after the more personal touch?

As a forum based platform Reddit is often the go to site for debate and discussion and r/ifyoulikeblank is the place to ask other users for music recommendations.

As the name suggests simply state stuff you like on a post and allow the community to offer up suggestions.

This may lack the accurate science and speed of the algorithm based alternatives but it does offer a much more personal selection.

While it is often used for music, r/ifyoulikeblank is designed for all media, so who knows you may even end up with a recommendation for a new show to binge too.


r/indieheads is the home of Indie music on reddit, with posts including news, reviews, AMA’s and just about everything else related to the genre.

This is less a destination to visit just once, more a site to embed yourself in all the happenings in the Indie music culture and you’d be guaranteed to find some new things to listen to along the way.

A weekly schedule of topics ensures the discussion stays fresh including ‘Top Ten Tuesdays’ and ‘New Music Friday’s’ which asks members to share what they’ve enjoyed playing lately.

Even if it isn’t your genre of choice the archive list of ‘indispensables’ is still worth checking out for essential tracks. Other subreddit’s representing different genres such as r/hiphopheads, r/popheads and r/rnbheads might also have more of what you are after.


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