Music Venue Trust Continues Fight For Those At Risk

Music Venue Trust (MVT) has supported thousands of venues up and down the country and despite a vast majority managing to survive, a total of 30 venues are still at imminent risk of closing their doors for good.

The charity's ‘Traffic Light’ campaign uses the traditional colour system to show which venues are considered safe until 31 March 2020 (Green - 355), those at risk without additional support (Amber - 273) and the 30 in danger of closure (Red).

#savethe30 acts as a new phase of its campaign to support grassroots venues, focusing on those that did not receive a Cultural Recovery Fund grant.

“We are now focusing exclusively on those 30 remaining venues which face immediate permanent closure,” said Mark Davyd, CEO, Music Venue Trust.

“If people want these local venues to still be there when this is over there is a very clear call to action: choose a venue, get donating, get writing, get calling, get organised. Save them all. Reopen Every Venue Safely.”

MVT announced nine new patrons to help spread the charity’s cause including Mercury-nominated singer songwriter Kathryn Williams, BBC Radio Wales DJ Bethan Elfyn and presenter Eddy Temple-Morris.

As well as the official Crowdfunder, there are still opportunities to support through the purchase of SaveOurVenue merchandise.

Live music crucial for society

Data from MVT and its members reveals that in 2019, there were 231,379 shows at grassroots level, all supporting the many developing talents as well as acting as many people's livelihood across the UK.

These shows equal a total of 2,961,651 single shift work opportunities for musicians and 1,295,722 single shift work opportunities for crew.

These numbers alone show the impact of live music throughout the United Kingdom and yet now more than ever before our local institutions need our support.

Grassroots venues are a vital ingredient to the success of British sound and the culture that comes with our nation's love for music.

As Nigel Elderton, Chairman, PRS for Music said in response to the latest UK Music report: “A world-leading music industry with a decade of sustained growth doesn't happen by accident.

“COVID-19 has now shaken that industry to its core and we urge the government to continue supporting music creators nationwide, investing in one of the UK’s most successful creative exports.”

A list of the 30 venues at imminent risk can be found below...

Arden Inn, Accrington

The Venue #38, Ayr

Waterloo Music Bar, Blackpool

The Four Horsemen, Bournemouth

The Rossi Bar, Brighton

POP Hyde, Cheshire

Alchemy, Croydon

The Venue, Derby

Woolpack Live, Doncaster

The Hot Tin, Faversham

The Lantern, Halifax

Grand Elektra, Hastings

The Brunswick, Hove

Beehive Jazz Cafe, Hull

The Gellions, Inverness

Hootananny Music Bar, Inverness

Backstage, Kinross

Boom, Leeds

EGG London, London

The Lexington, London

Spiritual Bar, London

The Post Bar, London

Windmill Brixton, London

The Waiting Room, London

Dryad Works, Sheffield

Plot 22, Sheffield

The 1865, Southampton

Telford Arena, Wellington

The Boulevard, Wigan

The Railway Inn, Winchester