Biomechanimal x Nysrok Infernalien: End Your Life

Updated: Feb 17


  1. End Your Life

  2. End Your Life (KALCYFR Remix)

  3. End Your Life (Die Sektor Remix)

  4. End Your Life (Javi Ssagittar Remix)

  5. End Your Life (Moaan Exis Remix)

  6. End Your Life (XMH Remix)

  7. End Your Life (Chaosmix by Xotox)

Rising stars of London's industrial scene Biomechanimal, formed in 2013, have teamed up with Alien Vampires frontman Nysrok Infernalien with an end result of the new single ‘End Your Life.’

The release includes six remixes, alongside the original, from other artists hailing from the group’s typical industrial style to more electronic sounds.

Naturally, the opening track is the original version of ‘End Your Life’. With its aggrotech-like atmosphere, it seriously makes you miss the dancefloor of the (goth) club nights. Combining industrial metal with the aggrotech elements, it makes for a total anthem.

The first remix on the release comes from KALCYFR and continues the original track’s style, along with the next two by Die Sektor and Javi Ssagittar, bringing the industrial metal elements to the front.

The latter side of the record presents a complete change in direction- from moshing to dancing- with the last three remixes focusing more on the dance and electronic subgenres of industrial.

Moaan Exis’ remix creates a positive sound with its varying beats and interesting soundscape. The next remix by XMH is essentially hardstyle dance with the last remix by Xotox turning the song almost unrecognisable with a clear focus mostly on the beat itself.

An excellent concept to incorporate six remixes across different genres; they vary enough from each other to almost recreate a seven-song EP during the first listening, especially if you are not very familiar with the song yet.

All six remixes represent various styles of industrial and electronic music so there is something for every industrial fan no matter what your preference is.

Personally, I have always leant towards more traditional industrial metal and rock, so obviously the fourth track ‘End Your Life (Javi Ssagittar Remix) found its way to my favourites quickly.

Either way, with this high level of professionalism in production quality and addictive soundscape it is easy to imagine a bright future for Biomechanimal in the London industrial scene.