Come At The King: Take to the Streets

Updated: Feb 17

Track List:

  1. Back Around

  2. Uniform

  3. In My Place

  4. Overgrown

Come at the King draws influences from the likes of Oasis and The Stone Roses, offering guitar-driven rock with a lot of attitude. Full of melodic hooks and distorted riffs, their new EP gives you the fuel and energy to keep on rocking through these strange times.

‘Take to the Streets’, released on the 13th November 2020, is the second EP by the London-based rock band and already shows much progression. The punk rock style opening track ‘Back Around’ kickstarts the mini-album with an energetic and emphatic feeling which carries throughout the song. With its straightforward nature, the track would undoubtedly sound great live and flood any venue (for now you'll have to make do with tapping along whilst driving to work!).

Recognisable riffs that resonate in your ears for the rest of the day...

In ‘Uniform’ the same energy continues with groovy vocals and powerful guitar riffs straight from the very beginning. It’s the song, in my opinion, with the most potential for a hit.

With a recognisable riff that resonates in your ears for the rest of the day, the track also features a guitar solo that acts as a perfect accompaniment. It’s a song that deserves high praise and a good way to forget about a frustrating day and turn it into something more positive.

The final two tracks had me reminiscing of Foo Fighters- the melody and chord progressions create an almost stadium rock vibe, potentially foreshadowing a big future for the band.

‘Overgrown’ is more mellow than the previous three but never turns lazy; the energy stays throughout the EP and the outro gives a worthy conclusion.

If you like guitar rock with melodies and groovy riffs, this is the record for you. In addition, it would be great to see how these tracks would stand out in a live setting when this pandemic is all over - hopefully sooner rather than later!