#SaveThe30 PuckDrop: Bespoke Football Shirts To Help Raise Funds

As reported throughout our launch campaign, Music Venue Trust (MVT) has highlighted 30 venues at high risk of closure due to the pandemic.

We’ve seen huge crowdfunding efforts, fundraising events such as live streams and many other creative ideas (including beer) all to support every venue that’s been affected this past year.

MVT also released its own merchandising line to help raise funds through unique items however a local live music fan under the name PuckDrop has dropped possibly the most creative of all with a range of football shirts inspired by each venue.

We managed to chat with the man behind it all, Bradley Edwards, about how the idea came to fruition and a potential future 5-a-side tournament.

SG: Can you tell us a bit more about how the MVT idea first came about?

PD: Launched the idea just as a bit of lockdown fun and basically I’m good friends with one of the venues, The Boulevard in Wigan, and wanted to do something to help.

Had a chat about ideas, drafted a few basic concepts such as the football shirts and began contacting the venues!

What MVT and their team has managed to achieve is beyond brilliant and they’ve been really supportive of my crazy ideas.

I love live music and the escape it offers so to be able to help in some way really means a lot.

SG: How did the venues first receive the idea?

PD: Each venue really believed in the idea from the start which has led to some really creative conversations and concepts.

They have helped me get an insight and understanding of the unique personality each venue holds; the big thing for me was to create a shirt that could be instantly identified as being part of the venue.

Since the launch the venues have helped promote the site and we even have some friendly competition in the form of a league table of orders received.

It was great fun to create something so different for each venue. Each shirt tells its own story from Easter Island Heads to the infamous roof dog - a story I love!

SG: Why do you think it’s important to help the cause?

PD: If you enjoy music then please get behind the venues that work tirelessly to share music on a live platform with us all.

These venues have shared new upcoming music, bands, artists that could be your new favourite one day. Everyone enjoys a live artist - there’s no atmosphere like it!

Without small intimate venues how will new artists share their music with us? It's not just the venues at risk, it’s live music as we know and love it.

Live music makes the UK so special and I hope it continues to thrive like it did pre-pandemic.

SG: What one thing would you say you’ve learned or gained from this?

PD: First and foremost, I have met so many new people and made some new friends which is just brilliant.

I think this period has affected everyone differently but when you connect with genuine people who are looking to give back to their community, it’s great.

The one thing we all have in common is we love music and all understand how important it is to save venues up and down the country.

Everyone I’ve been in contact with has been really passionate and proactive to really well work together.

I think the music industry will bounce back strong from this thanks to the incredibly brilliant people that make it, from the grassroots upwards.

SG: Finally, although you primarily focus on ice hockey, do you have any other music endeavours in line?

PD: I can’t reveal too much yet but i am currently working on getting some special guests to wear the football shirts and hopefully raise as much awareness as possible.

We have also talked a little about a 5 a side tournament between all the venues - they all have a home shirt now so who knows, may need some away kits if teams clash!

See the entire catalogue here, with all profits going to the respective venues.


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