Sleemo: Unafraid to Experiment and Making Bangers Along the Way

Previously described as feral and riotous in their performance, unsigned alt-band Sleemo are making a name for themselves on the east coast independent scene.

They released their debut single ‘Dolly’ in 2019 and are continuously proving to be defiant with their approach to music production, experimenting with their sound for each new project.

Since have released a self-titled debut EP and then their sophomore EP, ‘Mutation Of’ in early 2020 which presents a clear determination to improve their craft with a formidable work ethic.

Despite their momentous sound, the band consists of just three members. Initially the group launched with lead singer Billy and drummer Jacob with bassist Jack joining before their 2020 show where they supported the brilliant Gaffa Tape Sandy at the Waterfront in Norwich.

After the release of their newest single, ‘Heavenly Home (I’m In Your Mind)', we caught up with them ahead of a highly anticipated 2021.

To open up it’d be interesting to know what makes music so important to you guys?

Music is incredibly important to all of us in the band because it just feels so right to do - we live for it. We’ve spent so much of our lives practicing and just simply playing, listening and researching music that we can’t get it out of our heads and don’t want to… ever!

Each one of us have always listened to music no matter what style or genre it is and our tastes have changed over the years but we can always appreciate a good song/album.

What was the inspiration behind your EP ‘Mutation of’ and your latest release, ‘Heavenly Home (i’m In Your Mind)’? Did they come from the same influence or do you feel your sound grew in the time between releases?

We believe that our sound grows with every release we have, for example, our self titled EP was more of a skater/punk sort of vibe.

‘Mutation Of’ was released which brought a more dark and experimental vibe to our band, especially with the track ‘The Late Sun.’

‘Mutation Of’ was describing pretty much how you can hate yourself in so many ways and the battles you have with mental health issues like anxiety and insecurities. It definitely brought out the heavier side to our sound.

When we wrote ‘Heavenly Home (I’m In Your Mind)’ Billy had the idea of making the song about using social media, games and all sorts of things as a distraction from the outside world, it explains escapism.

The actual instrumental vibe of the track has been explained to show that we aren’t just a punk band, we can create pieces of music which lean more on the side of Prog or Psych rock. We also wanted to bring our live sound out in the production of this track, that’s why we brought Dylan Barber onboard to record us!

You’ve recently been featured on a compilation album Titled, ‘Our Kids Deserve Better’ to raise money for those in need of food right now, can you tell us a bit about this?

The ‘Our Kids Deserve Better’ album is a compilation of local and very talented artists.

It was formed by a friend of ours Danny Kingsley of History and Lore all of the profits will go to help raise money for the children and families that are in need of food due to not having the funds to do so.

We all thought it was a great idea and are incredibly happy to be a part of it!

Do you think growing up in Norfolk influenced your style and what is the Norwich music scene like?

I don’t think that Norfolk really influenced our style as such! It was more of what our friends, family or the people that were around us were listening to.

We all have a very diverse range of taste in music going from Jazz, classical and film scores to post hardcore, punk, prog rock and alternative rock....all the rocks.

The Norwich music scene has so many dedicated musicians and workers of the creative arts. It has improved over the years for sure!

We’re all dying for live music so what’s been your favourite venue to play at and who is your dream support act (dead or alive)?

All the venues we’ve played are awesome and like you we can’t wait to get back to gigging, but I think we’d have to say that Epic Studios has been the best venue so far.

As for the support act, that's a tough one you know! Probably have to put it between either Queens of the Stone Age, IDLES, Thee Oh sees or Misfits.


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